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According to Russian Media report, The Russian Navy has proposed to scrap the damaged nuclear submarine “Nerpa” of the project 971U “Shchuka-B”. The submarine was leased to the Indian Navy for 10 years, but was returned early in 2020 after an explosion on board.

According to available Russian Report, before that, in April 2020, an explosion of a high-pressure air cylinder occurred on board the submarine, as a result of which both of its hulls were damaged. Radio-electronic weapons and hydroacoustic equipment were also damaged. After that, the submarine was prematurely returned from the lease. The agency’s interlocutor noted that after the accident, Indian specialists completed the repair of both hulls of the submarine, after which it was returned to Russia.

The Russian Navy has decided that it is not worth the cost to repair the submarine. The cost of the repair would be estimated at over $1 billion, and the submarine would still be at risk of further damage.

The “Nerpa” will be scrapped at a shipyard near Vladivostok. The scrapping process is expected to take several months.

The “Nerpa” submarine was leased to the Indian Navy in April 2012 for a period of 10 years. The contract cost was about $2 billion.

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