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Two world powers are in an intense war in attempts to grab lucrative contracts to be part of India’s multi-billion dollar nuclear submarines program without raising the eyes of the world community. Both Russia and France want to be India’s Strategic depth partner in defense technology but the race is to take each other place in terms of offering technologies that are not often traded or sold unless it is to close friends and allies.

American and United Kingdom joined hands to develop nuclear-capable attack submarines for Australia to thwart any Chinese Naval activities in Indian Ocean Region in mind, the same games are being played in the power corridors of India where both countries are eager to help India achieve the same.

India has commenced work to develop the country’s 1st gen nuclear-powered attack submarines and 3rd gen nuclear Ballistic missile submarine program for which it requires technology that is currently not available or needs to be made in the next 10-15 years for which both countries are offering their expertise.

France is offering its non-nuclear equipment for Indian nuclear submarine programs such as next-gen pump-jet propulsion system that has better speed and acceleration than conventional ones. France is also keen to sell many Navigation and other communication sensors that are vital to maintaining the link between the command and the submarines.

Russia, which was the consultancy brain behind India’s 1st gen Arihant class nuclear Ballistic missile submarine program and helped develop and validate many of the technologies of the nuclear reactor that was used on the submarines is keen to get more work to develop next-gen nuclear reactor for the nextgen SSN and SSBN programs.

While the depth of technological collaboration on offer to India is not easy to ascertain due to the secrecy that is involved but both countries want to be India’s next best friend in niche sectors that involve the transfer of technologies for systems that are not easy on offer.

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