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Rolls-Royce, a renowned name in the world of power and propulsion, has thrown its hat in the ring for India’s upcoming Next-Generation Destroyer (NGD) program with a cutting-edge hybrid propulsion solution. This proposal promises not only enhanced operational capabilities but also improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At the heart of the Rolls-Royce solution lies a single, highly reliable gas turbine engine, capable of generating a powerful 36-40 MW of power even in scorching temperatures of 100°F. This engine, likely the Rolls-Royce MT30, will be the workhorse of the hybrid system, propelling the destroyer to full speed in a matter of minutes.

But the story doesn’t end there. The MT30 is paired with a Combined Diesel Electric Or Gas (CODLOG) arrangement, providing an additional layer of flexibility and efficiency. This hybrid system allows the ship to switch seamlessly between gas turbine power for high-speed manoeuvres and diesel-electric propulsion for quieter, stealthier operations.

key advantages of Rolls-Royce’s hybrid propulsion solution:

  • Ultra-quiet operation: The electric motor, decoupled from the main gearbox, creates a significantly quieter environment, crucial for maximizing the performance of underwater warfare and anti-submarine systems.
  • Space and weight savings: Replacing multiple engines with a single, compact unit frees up valuable space and reduces overall weight. This translates to increased fuel capacity, more room for mission systems like vertical launch systems, and potentially shorter ship lengths, leading to cost savings in construction and operation.
  • Enhanced crew comfort: The single-gas turbine architecture requires fewer auxiliary systems, creating more space for crew accommodations, and contributing to improved morale and well-being.

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