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In a significant shift for the Indian aerospace industry, Rolls-Royce has proposed a revolutionary collaboration for the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) program. Alex Zino, the company’s future programs chief, has pledged a complete transfer of intellectual property (IP) rights to India for a jointly developed engine.

This unprecedented offer breaks away from traditional models and empowers India with full ownership of the engine’s technology. The proposed collaboration goes beyond mere production; it signifies a genuine commitment to knowledge transfer and fostering indigenous capabilities.

“We are ready to deepen our partnership with India by designing and developing aero engines in collaboration with Indian entities,” Zino asserted during his interaction with Indian media. This highlights a clear shift in Rolls-Royce’s approach, prioritizing joint development and knowledge transfer over simple sales.

Zino emphasized the rarity of such an offer, stating, “We have certified one new engine roughly every 18 months over the past decade.” This signifies the immense value Rolls-Royce is placing on this partnership, potentially propelling India into the elite league of engine developers.

Zino elaborated further, stating, “We are working very closely with DRDO to propose solutions that transfer capabilities to India, develop IP, know-how, and manufacturing in India for India’s national security, and in time for export.” This vision extends beyond the AMCA program, aiming to establish India as a self-reliant force in aero engine development with the potential to export its expertise globally.

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