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A new report from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists raises serious concerns about a potential resurgence of nuclear testing by major powers. The report suggests that existing nuclear-armed nations are not only modernizing their arsenals but also contemplating the possibility of conducting test detonations.

The report highlights a domino effect that could be triggered by a single test. If a major power like Russia, China, or the United States were to resume nuclear testing, it could prompt similar actions from its rivals, leading to a dangerous escalation.

The report specifically mentions India and Pakistan, both nuclear-armed neighbors with a history of tense relations. The possibility of one of them seizing the opportunity to test a new device in the wake of renewed testing by major powers is a cause for concern. Additionally, the report suggests that countries like Iran, currently not possessing nuclear weapons, might view such an environment as an impetus to develop their own nuclear programs.

This report serves as a stark reminder of the catastrophic consequences of nuclear proliferation. It underscores the urgent need for all nuclear-armed nations to commit to a global ban on testing and to pursue disarmament efforts. Open communication and diplomatic channels are crucial to de-escalate tensions and prevent a return to the Cold War era of nuclear testing.