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India is likely to declare the winner of the tender for its deck-based fighter jet requirements for its aircraft carrier later Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend this year’s Bastille Day Parade in Paris as the guest of honor on July 14 in France but the deal will not be inked this year as per information provided by people familiar with the matter to idrw.

Although the signing of the agreement is anticipated to take place in 2024, While the announcement of the preferred bidder is anticipated during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to France, the finalization of the deal will likely be postponed until after the upcoming general elections. This decision aligns with the standard practice of deferring major defence contracts during the election period to avoid potential controversies and political implications.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) in India has been evaluating various options to meet its deck-based fighter jet requirements, and the Rafale M has emerged as a strong contender for the contract.

The Rafale M, a naval variant of the Rafale fighter jet manufactured by Dassault Aviation, has been designed specifically for carrier operations and offers advanced capabilities in terms of air superiority, precision strikes, and reconnaissance.

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