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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is making significant strides in the field of hypersonic technology with its latest project, Dhvani. Project Dhvani aims to develop a Hypersonic Glide Vehicle based on the wave-rider configuration, a cutting-edge concept in hypersonic technology.

The wave-rider configuration, which serves as the foundation for Project Dhvani, is a promising design for achieving hypersonic speeds efficiently. Wave-rider vehicles are designed to ride on their own shockwaves, minimizing drag and enhancing their aerodynamic performance in the hypersonic regime.

DRDO is also working the scramjet engine, specifically an Air Breathing Engine with active cooling as part of the HSTDV program. The scramjet engine is a crucial element in achieving hypersonic speeds and maintaining sustained flight at such velocities. DRDL, a division of DRDO, is responsible for the development of this innovative propulsion system.

In a significant milestone, DRDO conducted a successful test of the hypersonic air-breathing scramjet system in 2020, known as the Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle (HSTDV). During this test, the HSTDV achieved a remarkable speed of Mach 6 for a duration of 23 seconds. This achievement marked a significant leap in India’s hypersonic technology capabilities.

Hypersonic technology holds immense potential for various applications, including faster and more efficient transportation, enhanced military capabilities, and advancements in space exploration. DRDO’s relentless pursuit of hypersonic technology through projects like Dhvani showcases India’s commitment to staying at the forefront of aerospace and defense innovation.

As Project Dhvani continues to progress, it represents a significant step forward in India’s quest to master hypersonic flight and solidify its position among the world’s leaders in cutting-edge aerospace technology.

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