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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is setting its sights on self-reliance in underwater warfare with Project-76, an ambitious initiative to design and develop a new generation of indigenous conventional submarines for the Indian Navy.

Project-76 will be a collaborative effort between DRDO and the Warship Design Bureau (WDB) of the Indian Navy. The WDB’s expertise in naval design will be crucial in shaping the submarine’s form and function.

By late 2025, DRDO and WDB are expected to finalize the design of these 3000-4000-ton submarine. Project approval is anticipated sometime in 2028-29, paving the way for construction.

The Indian Navy envisions a fleet of six submarines built under Project-76, with a remarkable 70-80% indigenous content. This focus on domestic production will not only boost India’s defense manufacturing sector but also reduce dependence on foreign suppliers.

This new project comes on the heels of Project-75I, which aims to procure six next-generation submarines through international collaboration. Project-76 represents a natural progression towards greater self-sufficiency in submarine acquisition for the Indian Navy.

France has offered its pump-jet propulsion for the program for better efficiency across most all but the low-end of a submarine’s performance. Project will also draw many of the design clues from Project-75I and Project-75 submarines design programs.

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