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With Germany trying to secure a deal for a six-generation submarine from India in a Government to Government (G2G) deal, people familiar with the matter have told that South Korea also has started diplomatic maneuvering in Delhi for its bid where it has offered lithium-ion and fuel cell system powered DSME3000 submarine to meet Indian Navy’s submarine requirements.

South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. (DSME) is the sole bidder that has agreed to all the liability clauses and Transfer of Technology (ToT) demands made by the Indian Navy and offered DSME3000 submarine that meets two key benchmarks that involve niche technology that Indian Navy seeks that being lithium-ion batteries and fuel cell system. has learned that Korea is offering further customization of the DSME3000 submarine design that will allow greater participation of the Indian Warship Design Bureau in the customization process along with new features as demanded by the Indian Navy before the commencement of production of these submarines.

DSME also wanted to offer submarine rescue vessels as a ‘package deal’ on the submarine offer and claimed that the submarine has demonstrated and broken the world record for “longest continuous operation”, Without giving details after switching to the lithium-ion battery packs. has been told that there is a high possibility that South Korea might resort to sending a formal proposal for a Government to Government (G2G) deal for submarines in response to the same being offered by Germans as the RFP deadline already has been extended till August of this year with only DSME sending its bids under Project-75I.

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