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Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara on Friday said that the police are waiting for the Forensic Science Laboratory report to take action in connection with alleged pro-Pakistan slogans raised by supporters of Congress leader Syed Naseer Hussain, who was elected to the Rajya Sabha.

He said that a suspect has been secured and his voice recording has been gathered by the cops. Opposition BJP alleged that Hussain’s supporters allegedly raised pro-Pakistan slogans, while celebrating his victory in the Rajya Sabha polls on Tuesday. The purported videos of the incident were telecast by TV news channels and also had gone viral on social media.

“The FSL report is yet to come. We have asked for the report as soon as possible. The videos given to FSL are not from one channel or one clip. Several clippings have been secured and given to FSL. The report is yet to come, once we get it, we will take immediate action,” Parameshwara said.

Speaking to reporters here, he said that seven persons have been called so far and their statements have been taken. In addition their voice samples have also been recorded to compare it with that in the clip, he said.

“A suspect has also been secured and his voice recording has been made. We will get to know about further investigation, once we get the FSL report,” he added.

Opposition BJP and JD(S) have demanded the Congress government’s resignation for its “inaction” in nabbing the culprits who allegedly shouted the ‘Pakistan zindabad’ slogan, and also accused the administration of trying to cover up the issue.

The BJP has demanded that the Karnataka Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot recommend dismissal of the government.