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In a recent interview with Republic TV, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a firm message to Pakistan, asserting India’s stance with unwavering resolve. His words, laden with conviction, underscored India’s position on bilateral relations and the ongoing geopolitical dynamics in the region.

Modi minced no words as he addressed Pakistan’s role in the regional discourse. With a steely gaze and a tone that brooked no compromise, he emphasized India’s steadfast commitment to its principles. “Let Pak manage 2 square meals,” he remarked, encapsulating the sentiment of self-reliance and resilience that defines India’s approach towards its neighbor.

The Prime Minister’s assertion that India should not overly concern itself with Pakistan’s changing approach reflects a pragmatic understanding of the situation. Modi’s leadership over the past decade has seen a strategic recalibration, with Pakistan’s influence on India’s affairs significantly diminished. “For the last 10 years, I have put a lock on Pak being a factor in running India,” he declared, signaling India’s autonomy and independence in shaping its destiny.

Modi’s statement carries significant weight, especially against the backdrop of persistent pressure to engage in dialogue with Pakistan. Despite external calls for diplomacy, Modi has remained resolute in his decision to maintain a distance, citing Pakistan’s track record of sponsoring terrorism and its unwillingness to address India’s concerns.

The Prime Minister’s stance on Kashmir further exemplifies India’s assertive approach towards Pakistan. Refusing to engage in talks on the Kashmir issue, Modi has instead directed the focus towards Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POJK), highlighting the unresolved territorial dispute and the need for meaningful dialogue on this pressing matter.

Modi’s implicit warning regarding potential terrorist activities emanating from Pakistan underscores India’s proactive stance on security challenges. His assertion that India will respond in kind to any provocative actions reinforces the message of deterrence and defense against external threats.

Through his resolute words and unwavering actions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reiterated India’s position as a formidable force in the region. His strong message to Pakistan serves as a reminder of India’s sovereignty, resilience, and commitment to peace with dignity. As India charts its course on the global stage, Modi’s leadership continues to steer the nation towards a future defined by strength, stability, and security.