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The Biden administration has taken a key step forward in finalizing a major defense deal with India. Following earlier approval, they have formally notified the US Congress of the possible sale of 31 MQ-9B armed drones to India. This notification formally initiates the congressional review process, paving the way for a final agreement later this year.

The proposed deal, estimated to be worth around $3 billion, is a significant boost to India’s defense capabilities. The MQ-9B Predator drones are known for their long-endurance flights (over 35 hours) and ability to carry a variety of weapons. This acquisition will significantly enhance India’s ability to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance missions, particularly along its disputed border with China, the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The drone sale, initially announced during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US in June 2023, marks another step forward in the growing strategic partnership between India and the United States. This deal signifies a shared commitment to regional security and strengthens defense cooperation between the two nations.

The formal notification to Congress triggers a mandatory review period. Lawmakers will have the opportunity to raise concerns or objections to the sale. However, given the strategic importance of the deal and India’s status as a Major Defense Partner of the US, Congressional approval is widely expected.

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