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Maharashtra is set to etch its name in history as the first Indian state to purchase land in Jammu and Kashmir for a dedicated tourist facility. This move marks a significant development in inter-state collaboration and signifies growing openness in the region.

The state government plans to construct a ‘Maharashtra Bhavan’ in Budgam, central Kashmir. This first-of-its-kind facility will serve as a haven for tourists visiting the valley from Maharashtra. Located strategically near Srinagar Airport, the Bhavan will likely offer accommodation, cultural experiences, and potentially act as an information center for visiting tourists.

The Jammu and Kashmir government has greenlit the land transfer for a sum of ?8.16 crore. This approval signifies a crucial step forward for the project and paves the way for construction to begin. The land acquisition process reportedly initiated after Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s visit to the Union Territory in June 2023, where he met Governor Manoj Sinha.

Prior to the abrogation of Article 370, land ownership in Jammu and Kashmir was restricted to permanent residents of the state. However, the change in policy allows for land purchases by entities from outside the region. This new regulation has opened doors for potential investments and development projects.

Maharashtra’s initiative holds immense potential for boosting tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. The Bhavan is likely to attract more visitors from Maharashtra, contributing to the region’s economic growth. Additionally, this project serves as a symbol of growing collaboration between states, fostering stronger ties and cultural exchange.pen_spark