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Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF) has successfully delivered the first batch of upgraded T-90 Mark III tanks to the Indian Army. These upgrades aim to significantly improve the capabilities of the existing T-90 fleet. While specific details remain under wraps, some key aspects of the modernization program have come to light.

The T-90 Mark III boasts improved firepower through the integration of a Correction Input Device (CID). This device refines gunnery accuracy by factoring in environmental conditions and barrel wear. Additionally, Night Vision Enablement brings upgrades like a Commander’s Thermal Imaging Sight (CTIS) and a Muzzle Reference System. These advancements enhance situational awareness and targeting capabilities, especially during low-light operations.

The Mark III upgrade incorporates a Digital Communication System, enabling seamless and secure communication between crew members and other battlefield units. For improved fire control, the addition of a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor for the thermal imaging sight and a Digital Ballistic Computer streamlines targeting data and weapon control.

The upgraded tanks reportedly benefit from an Anti-Thermal IR Coating, potentially boosting their survivability against heat-seeking weaponry. Notably, the Mark III upgrade prioritizes increasing the percentage of indigenous sub-systems. These domestically produced components are likely further advancements over original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, potentially leading to greater cost-effectiveness and easier maintenance in the long run.

The Indian Army plans to upgrade nearly 300 T-90 tanks to the Mark III standard. This comprehensive program includes a complete overhaul alongside the integration of the aforementioned new features. The upgraded T-90 Mark III tanks are expected to significantly bolster the Indian Army’s armored capabilities.

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