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The atmosphere in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir remained tense as locals voiced their frustrations towards the government and local administration, citing a lack of essential amenities on Monday. Residents expressed grave concerns over the absence of critical infrastructure, such as tunnels to mitigate landslides and accidents.

The lawyers from Jamaat-e-Islami held a protest in front of the Muzaffarabad Central Press Club. They spoke about the recurring accidents on Lohar Street due to landslides, highlighting the pressing need for a tunnel to address these safety hazards. Furthermore, residents lamented the failure to expand highways connecting PoK to Pakistan, underscoring broader infrastructural challenges hindering the region’s development and safety.

“Entire PoK is in turmoil. Somewhere it is electricity, somewhere it is education, somewhere it is an improper health facility and somewhere it is total lawlessness, the entire POK is struggling today. When we talk about the Lohar gali tunnel, every six months, vehicles plunge from there, spilling blood and claiming lives.

But the politicians turn a deaf ear to our pleas, only concerned about their own status,” a local leader in the protest said. “Your opposition leader campaigned on the promise of addressing Lohar gali. It’s been three years now, and he’s still enjoying his status. Previously in power, now in opposition,” he added. Residents of Muzaffarabad and neighbouring areas accused rampant corruption within the administration of obstructing the construction of necessary tunnels.

During the press club protest, speakers warned they will escalate their actions if their demands continue to be ignored. “We demand the construction of Lohar gali road, bypass, and tunnel to safeguard the basic rights of our people. Today’s protest serves as an ultimatum–if our demands are not met, our demonstrations will intensify, and roads will be blocked,” the leader further stated.

Issues like inadequate infrastructure and corruption in PoK have deeply impacted the lives of its residents, eroding trust in government institutions. When citizens feel marginalized or neglected by their government, it’s natural for them to express their frustrations through protests and calls for accountability.