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BrahMos Aerospace’s General Manager for Market Promotion & Export, Praveen Pathak, has recently confirmed that the delivery of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles to the Philippine Marines is expected to be completed by December 2023.

“Most of all the technical issues have been finalized.… We’re very much positive that the Army will follow the footsteps of the Marines and we’ll sign a contract very soon,” he says. “No fixed timeline but we are expecting this year that we will sign the first contract,” he adds.

In a significant development earlier this year, Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar awarded 21 Philippine Navy personnel with interim missile badges and pins during a valedictory ceremony in recognition of their successful completion of operator training for the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.

Under the agreement, India will supply the Philippines with BrahMos missiles, which are considered one of the fastest cruise missiles in the world. The successful completion of the operator training indicates that the Philippine Navy is well on track towards operationalizing the missile system.

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