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The Philippines, India, and Japan are actively exploring a trilateral partnership aimed at strengthening maritime security and promoting economic growth in the Indo-Pacific region. This collaboration holds immense potential for the region, offering opportunities for increased trade, travel, and sustainable development.

This initiative aligns with Japan’s vision for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) and serves as a strategic counterbalance to China’s growing influence in the region. The partnership seeks to address shared concerns like enhancing connectivity, fortifying supply chains, and promoting green initiatives to combat climate change.

By sharing expertise and technology, the three nations aim to green key economic sectors, fostering regional economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. Additionally, improving infrastructure connectivity, particularly in transportation and logistics, is seen as crucial for boosting trade and travel throughout the Indo-Pacific.

The collaboration also prioritizes maritime security, especially in light of territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the US-China rivalry. The upcoming delivery of BrahMos missiles from India to the Philippines strengthens the latter’s defense capabilities. Ongoing dialogues and training sessions between their coast guards further solidify their maritime partnership.