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Officials from the Philippines have embarked on a journey of exploration into India’s burgeoning defence industry, with a particular focus on Indian-made artillery systems. The Philippines, a nation keen on enhancing its defence capabilities, has expressed interest in examining the products and technologies offered by Indian defence firms, including Kalyani Strategic Systems.

Reports suggest that a delegation from the Philippines has undertaken visits to several Indian defence companies, with a significant emphasis on exploring advanced artillery systems. The visit to Kalyani Strategic Systems, a subsidiary of Bharat Forge, is particularly noteworthy in this regard. The Philippine authorities are reportedly evaluating various artillery solutions offered by the company to potentially address their defence requirements.

The interest of the Philippines in Indian artillery systems comes on the heels of its acquisition of 12 units of the Soltam 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled howitzers from Israeli firm Elbit Systems last year. This move was part of the Philippines Army Artillery Regiment’s efforts to modernize its artillery capabilities.

One of the notable systems under consideration by the Philippines is the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS), a towed 155mm/52 calibre howitzer gun developed by Kalyani Strategic Systems. The ATAGS boasts advanced features and capabilities, making it a potentially attractive option for the Philippines Army Artillery Regiment (AAR) to enhance its firepower and tactical flexibility.

In addition to towed artillery, the Philippines Marine Corps has already taken a step towards bolstering its coastal defence capabilities by procuring the Coastal BrahMos Cruise missile battery. This missile system is designed to safeguard the nation’s coastal areas against potential threats.

Interestingly, the Philippines Army Artillery Regiment (AAR) has also expressed interest in the BrahMos Cruise missile system, showcasing its intent to acquire advanced and versatile weaponry to enhance its operational capabilities.

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