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The Philippine Army is actively pursuing plans to bolster its coastal defence capabilities by acquiring batteries of the BrahMos supersonic anti-ship cruise missile. Negotiations have begun with India’s BrahMos Corporation, and it is expected that orders will be placed later this year.

This move comes in the wake of the Philippine Navy’s recent order for three batteries of BrahMos missiles, which are intended for use by the Philippine Marine Corps. With India offering a line of credit to meet Manila’s defence requirements, the stage is set for further strengthening of defence ties between the two nations.

The Philippine Navy has already taken a significant step towards enhancing its maritime defence capabilities by ordering three batteries of the BrahMos supersonic anti-ship cruise missile. The missiles are expected to be delivered to the Philippine Marine Corps by December of this year.

This acquisition is part of the Navy’s efforts to modernize its naval assets and strengthen its coastal defence capabilities. The BrahMos missile, known for its high speed and accuracy, will greatly enhance the Philippine Navy’s ability to deter potential threats in the maritime domain.

Building on the success of the Philippine Navy’s BrahMos order, the Philippine Army has initiated negotiations with India’s BrahMos Corporation for the procurement of additional batteries for the supersonic anti-ship cruise missile.

The Army intends to deploy these missiles along the country’s coastlines to strengthen its coastal defence roles. By leveraging the BrahMos missile’s advanced capabilities, the Philippine Army aims to enhance its ability to protect its territorial waters and critical coastal infrastructure.

Earlier this year, 21 personnel from the Coastal Defense Regiment (CDR) of the Philippine Army completed training in India on the BrahMos anti-ship missile system.

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