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In a significant step toward enhancing maritime cooperation, Javier Paulinich, the Ambassador of Peru, paid a visit to the Indian state-owned shipyard, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL). The visit aimed to explore potential collaborations and leverage MDL’s export capabilities to bolster Peru’s naval ambitions.

During the visit, a comprehensive presentation highlighting MDL’s prowess in shipbuilding and export capabilities was showcased to Ambassador Paulinich. The presentation provided insights into MDL’s expertise in ship design, construction, and state-of-the-art facilities. This was followed by a productive discussion between the ambassador and MDL’s management team, where avenues for collaboration and partnership were explored.

The ambassador was then given an extensive tour of MDL’s yard facilities, providing a firsthand glimpse into the shipyard’s capabilities and infrastructure. The tour offered a deeper understanding of MDL’s capacity to design and construct a variety of vessels catering to diverse naval requirements.

Peru has been focusing on domestic shipyards like SIPA to bolster its naval capabilities, particularly across multiple vessel classes. Collaborations with foreign entities are being considered to ensure the success of these programs, especially in terms of design and construction expertise.

One of the prominent domestic players in Peru’s maritime landscape, the state-run shipyard SIMA, has been partnering with the Peruvian Navy (MGP) to develop an array of vessels, including offshore patrol vessels, coastal patrol craft, and auxiliary logistics vessels. While domestic capabilities are being harnessed, the need for foreign expertise has been recognized to ensure the program’s efficacy and success.

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