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The national capital is all set to host the ‘Rising Sun Conclave’ – one of the biggest India-Japan conclaves, on March 13, 2024. Being organised by Connect India Japan, the conclave will not only commemorate 70 Years of Indo-Japanese tie but will focus on further propelling economic growth, fortifying diplomatic ties and fostering cultural integration between the two countries.

The conclave will see history in the making with Indian and Japanese business leaders, entrepreneurs, strategic affairs experts, diplomats, cultural icons and senior media-persons ideating on nurturing trade, bilateral and cultural collaborations between India and Japan.

Being backed by prominent Japanese corporations, the one-day summit will explore opportunities, share success stories, new initiatives and forge partnerships for mutually beneficial goals. Indo-Japanese economic relations hold immense potential, as both nations share similarities in their economic aspirations. Being two of the largest global economies, collaborations and joint working in trade and investment contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of both nations.

India and Japan also share a common global vision focused on peace, stability, and shared prosperity. Their commitment to sustainable development reflects a unified effort to address global challenges and promote harmonious coexistence.

Seventy years ago, India and Japan began a diplomatic journey that has stood the test of time. From formal relations to today’s dynamic strategic partnership, this journey reflects resilience, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to common goals. Celebrating the enduring diplomatic ties between India and Japan, the ‘Rising Sun Conclave’ will further illuminate the landscape of bilateral relations.
Promoting cultural exchange and appreciation, the aim of Connect India Japan is to deepen understanding between India and Japan. Connect India Japan is the brainchild of Nupur Tewari, a pivotal figure bridging the gap between India and Japan, who has emerged as a connecting link between the two nations.

Acknowledged by the Japanese media as the unofficial Ambassador of India to Japan, she has single-mindedly been working at solidifying her role as a catalyst for fostering deeper ties between the two countries.

In addition to her diplomatic achievements, Nupur has been a trailblazer on the media landscape, hosting the first India-Japan talk show and delivering insightful reports for BBC and Indian news channels such as Aaj Tak, India Today, NDTV, etc. Her extensive coverage has extended to significant events like the Tokyo Olympics, G7 Summit.

Furthermore, her humanitarian endeavours during Sri Lanka’s floods earned her acclaim from the United Nations, highlighting her compassion and commitment to making a difference on a global scale.

Nupur has also launched the first bilingual magazine between India and Japan and taking her passion to the next level she’s become the pioneering Indian from Japan who is the force behind the first ever India Japan conclave by an individual.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Nupur Tewari embodies the spirit of womanhood, breaking barriers and defying societal norms with grace and resilience. Her journey serves as an inspiration to countless individuals, especially women, empowering them to pursue their dreams relentlessly and embrace the boundless possibilities that life offers.