A parliamentary subcommittee has ignited a significant debate by recommending equal benefits for families of Agniveers and regular soldiers who die while serving in the military.

The debate stems from the Agnipath scheme, recently introduced by the Indian government, which recruits soldiers for shorter, four-year tenures. Critics argue that the scheme disadvantages Agniveers compared to “regular” soldiers, particularly in terms of benefits for their families in case of death in service.

The parliamentary standing committee, in its report, highlighted concerns about potential “discrimination” in the status of “martyrs” between regular soldiers and Agniveers. Consequently, they recommended that families of Agniveers who die serving their country should receive the same benefits as those of regular soldiers.

It remains to be seen whether the government will accept the committee’s recommendation. The final decision could be shaped by various factors, including budgetary considerations, public opinion, and ongoing discussions about the Agnipath scheme.