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In a move that strengthens India’s defense capabilities, Paras Anti-Drone Technologies, a leading innovator in counter-drone solutions, has announced a partnership with Forge for its iDEX projects. This collaboration focuses on developing critical technologies for Ground Controlled Satellite Antennas (GCSA) with Frequency Switching and L/P band Continuous Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payloads for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

Paras Anti-Drone, a DISC 8 challenge winner, is a prominent player in the defense, aerospace, and counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) space. The company delivers a comprehensive suite of anti-drone and situational awareness systems, safeguarding critical infrastructure, defense personnel, and private security from drone threats.

Their impressive product portfolio encompasses RF & Microwave systems, counter-drone technologies for detection and jamming, Electronic Warfare (EW) systems for intelligence gathering, and Situational Awareness systems to bolster overall security posture. These solutions find application in diverse fields, including missiles, space research, naval systems, land and armored vehicles, electronic warfare, surveillance, and electromagnetic shielding.

The partnership with Forge signifies a significant step forward for both companies. By leveraging their combined expertise, they aim to deliver cutting-edge iDEX projects for the Indian defense sector. The GCSA with Frequency Switching technology promises enhanced communication capabilities, while the L/P band CW SAR payload for LEO satellites will provide high-resolution imagery for critical applications.