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Pakistan’s Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) unveiled its indigenously developed “HAIDER” tank during a ceremony attended by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Syed Asim Munir. While the design is based on the Chinese VT-4 MBT, the project involved collaboration with China’s NORINCO and various Pakistani industries, marking a significant step towards self-reliance in defense manufacturing for Pakistan.

The HAIDER is touted as a testament to Pakistan’s growing capabilities in defense innovation. It is said to be equipped with cutting-edge technology, offering improved firepower, protection, and maneuverability compared to previous models.

General Munir, during his visit to the HIT facilities, received briefings on the technical specifications of the HAIDER and the progress made towards achieving greater indigenization in arms and armament production. He commended the efforts of the personnel involved in this successful project, highlighting its contribution to Pakistan’s defense modernization efforts.

Pakistan Army already has induct Chinese VT-4 MBT directly from China after plans to develop Al-Khalid II MBT failed to take off. Al-Khalid which is based on the Chinese T-90-II tank had limited production of just 310 units and further development was capped after diesel engine and transmission supplied by the KMDB design bureau of Ukraine dried out.