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Pakistan’s new government stated on the country’s National Day that peaceful coexistence founded on equality and mutual respect serves as the guiding principles of its foreign policy. This principle, according to Islamabad, also underpins its desire for a peaceful relationship with India.

However, Pakistan also emphasized that peace and stability in the region can only be achieved through a peaceful settlement of all outstanding issues, including the “core” issue of Jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmir region is a territory claimed by both India and Pakistan and has been a source of tension between the two countries for decades.

It is yet to be seen how this new emphasis on peaceful coexistence will translate into concrete actions on the part of the Pakistani government. India has long accused Pakistan of supporting terrorism in Kashmir, and tensions between the two nuclear-armed nations have remained high in recent years.

Whether Pakistan’s new government can usher in a new era of peace and cooperation in the region remains to be seen. However, its stated commitment to peaceful coexistence is a welcome development.