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As India’s military undergoes a modernization push, Pakistan is taking steps to keep pace, with a focus on acquiring advanced drones. Pakistan that as procured 10 CH-4 armed drones, is planning for the second batch of the same size. This move bolsters Pakistan’s drone fleet and signifies its intent to counter India’s growing aerial capabilities. The total cost of the deal is estimated to be around USD 24 million.

While details of the second batch are yet to be confirmed, As per it might include another 10 CH-4 drones. These drones could potentially be equipped with a more powerful engine, the turbocharged four-stroke Lark HFE with 150 hp. This liquid-cooled engine boasts features like a high-pressure common-rail fuel system (HPCR) for efficient operation, full authority digital electronic control (FADEC) for improved performance, and a reliable 2,000-hour average time before overhaul rating.

Pakistan’s drone fleet already includes the Bayraktar TB2 and Akinci, procured from Turkey. Additionally, they have inducted the Wing Loong II from China and claim to have developed their own Shahpar-II drone domestically. The acquisition of the CH-4 drones adds another layer of variety and capability to Pakistan’s aerial arsenal.

This drone deal underscores the ongoing regional competition between India and Pakistan. As both nations strive for military dominance, drone technology is emerging as a crucial battleground. Pakistan’s efforts to modernize its drone fleet reflect its determination to match India’s advancements and maintain a strategic balance in the region.