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Pakistan’s Air Force has court-martialed 13 senior officers, including several retired personnel, on charges of exposing alleged corruption by Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Babar Sidhu. The move has sparked controversy, with some experts claiming the officers are being targeted for whistleblowing.

Among the court-martialed are prominent figures like Air Marshals Ahsan Rafiq, Tariq Zia, and retired Javed Saeed, who led Operation Swift Retort following the Balakot airstrike by India. All 13 officers have been arrested.

The allegations against Air Chief Sidhu involve misuse of funds for personal gain, including purchasing expensive vehicles and properties. He is also accused of sidelining competent officers who might challenge his authority.

This incident follows a similar case in the Pakistani Army, where a white paper exposed alleged corruption in arms procurement. The Air Force’s actions have raised concerns about potential suppression of dissent within the military.