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Pakistan’s military is reportedly accelerating its acquisition of hundreds of advanced mobile artillery systems from China, potentially giving them a tactical edge over India. These mobile gun systems (MGS), known as SH-15 155mm systems, are mounted on truck platforms, offering greater mobility and faster deployment compared to traditional towed artillery.

This ‘shoot and scoot’ tactic allows artillery units to fire a barrage of shells at targets and then relocate swiftly, minimizing the risk of retaliation. The Indian Army, on the other hand, is facing delays in procuring similar equipment due to the lengthy bureaucratic processes of the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD).

While details of the Indian procurement program are yet to be finalized, this development has caused some concern within Indian military circles. Mobile artillery systems offer a significant advantage on the modern battlefield, as they provide greater responsiveness and survivability compared to static towed guns.

The Indian Army is likely to counter this by expediting its own acquisition plans or exploring alternative solutions. Streamlining procurement procedures or looking to indigenous options could be crucial in maintaining parity with Pakistan’s evolving military capabilities.

This development highlights the ongoing modernization efforts of both militaries in South Asia. It remains to be seen how India will respond to Pakistan’s acquisition of these mobile artillery systems, but it is certain to be a key factor in the ongoing regional military balance.