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The Yeddumailaram Ordnance Factory in India has increased its production of amphibious infantry combat vehicles (ICVs) to meet the requirements of the Indian Army. The factory is now manufacturing 120 BMP-2 ICVs per year.

The BMP-2 is a Soviet-designed infantry fighting vehicle that is used by the Indian Army and other armed forces around the world. It is a tracked vehicle that can carry seven troops and their equipment. The BMP-2 is armed with a 30mm cannon, a 7.62mm machine gun, and an ATGM launcher.

The Yeddumailaram Ordnance Factory has been manufacturing BMP ICVs since 1986. The factory rolled out its first BMP in that year. The BMP-2 is 7.6 meters long, 3.2 meters wide, and 2.3 meters high. It weighs 14.5 tons and can carry seven troops and their equipment. The BMP-2 is powered by a V-12 diesel engine that produces 500 horsepower. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 70 km/h on land and 6 km/h in water.

The Yeddumailaram Ordnance Factory is currently the only manufacturer of BMP-2 ICVs in India. The factory is working to increase its production capacity to meet the Indian Army’s requirement. The increase in production of BMP-2 ICVs is a sign of the Indian Army’s modernization efforts. The BMP-2 is a capable infantry fighting vehicle that will give the Indian Army an edge on the battlefield.

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