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 The Special Task Force (STF) in Uttar Pradesh on Friday arrested one person from Muzaffarnagar district and recovered four bottle bombs with time detonator from his possession.

According to reports, the accused has been identified as Javed, from whose possession four bombs have been recovered. The accused is being interrogated by the STF and intelligence agencies. A bomb disposal squad was called from Meerut to diffuse the bombs.

The accused, who was arrested from the Khalapar area in Muzaffarnagar, also had a role in the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots when bombs were recovered from his possession.

The arrested accused was carrying bottle bombs. He told the police that he used to buy glucose bottles from doctors and iron pellets from cycle shops and watch machines from watch repair shops.

A person named Imrana had given him Rs 10,000 in advance for making the bottle bombs and had promised to pay Rs 40,000 later at the time of delivering the bombs. He had come to deliver the bombs when he was arrested.

The accused said he had no knowledge about where the time bombs were to be used.

A hunt is on to nab Imrana.