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The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has reignited tensions with India by raising the Kashmir issue during a high-level summit in Gambia. The summit, focused on the Gaza conflict and broader challenges faced by the Muslim world, saw the OIC reiterate its stance on Kashmir.

According to the OIC, resolving the Kashmir issue in accordance with United Nations Security Council resolutions remains a priority for the organization. This is likely to be seen by India as an unwelcome intrusion into its internal affairs.

Meanwhile, Pakistan, a vocal advocate for Kashmir’s self-determination, reportedly convened a separate meeting of the OIC’s contact group on Kashmir on the sidelines of the summit. This further underscores Pakistan’s efforts to internationalize the Kashmir dispute.

India, however, maintains that Kashmir is a bilateral issue with Pakistan and rejects any third-party intervention. It’s important to note that the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir call for a peaceful resolution through dialogue between India and Pakistan.

The development comes amidst ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. The situation in the region remains a delicate one, and it will be interesting to see how India responds to the OIC’s statement.