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NSTL recently issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) inviting prospective partners for the development and production of a cutting-edge Heavy Weight Torpedo (HWT) designed for deployment on Indian naval platforms. This ambitious endeavour, part of the P-75 Platforms initiative, aims to equip the Indian Navy with a formidable weapon to counter contemporary maritime threats effectively.

The Expression of Interest outlines a comprehensive scope of work, encompassing three distinct phases: development, production and testing, and long-term post-delivery support. Within these phases, various activities are envisaged, ranging from the initial development to the sustained operational readiness of the HWT. Here’s an overview of the key aspects of this groundbreaking project:

This next-generation weapon will be engineered with advanced technologies, including Acoustic Homing, Wake Homing, and Fibre Optic systems, ensuring an extraordinarily high single-shot kill probability even in the face of intense countermeasures. The torpedo’s electrical propulsion system, featuring a contra-rotating brushless motor and skewed propellers, will deliver exceptional manoeuvrability, enabling it to engage both slow-moving and fast crafts.

Once the development phase reaches fruition, the focus shifts to production and rigorous testing. This phase ensures that the HWT meets stringent quality and performance standards. The torpedo’s deployability from submarine platforms in both deep and shallow waters of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) underscores its versatility and strategic importance. Furthermore, the HWT is equipped with an insensitive munition warhead, enhancing platform safety and ensuring detonation at the closest proximity to the programmed target.

Beyond the initial production and testing phase, NSTL is committed to ensuring the long-term reliability and effectiveness of the Heavy Weight Torpedo. Ease of maintenance and modular conversion of Combat and Exercise torpedo variants are among the key features designed to enhance the torpedo’s

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