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Bengaluru-based Newspace Research and Technologies Pvt Ltd (NRT) has delivered two types of UAV, a Beluga hexacopter and a Nimbus Mk-III quadcopter to the Indian Army as part of the 100 Swarm drone contract that it secured from the Indian Army in 2021.

The last shipment of the Swarm drone was completed last week. NRT is expecting the possibility of more orders coming soon for its Beluga and Nimbus hexacopter that feature a 50km radius of operation and 3h endurance.

NRT says that Nimbus, an electric Multi-Rotar UAV is optimized for plains and high altitude areas and engineered to suit a variety of civil and military use cases and is intelligent and swarming capable.

At Aero India, NRT also showcased a Tethered variant of the Nimbus that can be used for continuous intelligence and surveillance missions on static locations against intruding hexacopter or for the vigilance of sensitive military installations.

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