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At the Bharat Electronics Limited conference on in their Q3F3 Earning Calls, Bhanu Prakash Srivastava CMD of BEL was asked about the alleged leakage of some details of the Swathi WRL Radar by an Armenian Army Captain to a foreign agency.

Srivastava said that border specifications of the Swathi Weapon Locating Radars that are indigenously developed by the DRDO are already in the public domain and he added that even leakage of some other details of the radar will not have any impact on the export prospects of the radar since the technology of the radar is what is more important design details and other parameters like hardware and software cant be leaked since it is not shared to even the export countries and at the best, they will have operating details that are provided to as border specifications to all countries that are interested in the system.

Armenian media reported that the Armenian Army Captain was asked to provide details of the military equipment purchased from India and no sensitive data could have been exchanged since he did not have this. India sold four indigenous Swathi weapons in 2020 from India which were delivered in the backdrop of its conflict with Azerbaijan.

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