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Responding to a question by Preneet Kaur, Member of Parliament from Patiala, on whether the government proposes to make wearing of tactical helmets by Sikh soldiers compulsory, Minister of State for Defence, Ajay Bhatt said in the Lok Sabha said “Sikh troops battling terrorism have been wearing bulletproof patka over cloth patka while maintaining their religious identity. Tank crew of armored regiments also wear padded communication head gear,”.

The Ministry of Defence issued a request for proposal earlier this year to procure ballistic helmets specifically designed for Sikh troops. Some Sikh religious and political leaders opposed the move, claiming that wearing a helmet instead of the traditional turban violated Sikhism’s tenets and would harm Sikh identity.

The government has made it clear that all-around protection in challenging environments is a must and bulletproof jackets and bulletproof helmets are mandatory to be used in the conflict zone as there can’t be any compromise.

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