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Satellite image ©2024 Maxar Technologies

New satellite imagery provides a clearer picture of the aftermath of a Ukrainian drone attack reportedly targeting a Su-57 Felon, Russia’s most advanced fighter jet, at Akhtubinsk Air Base hundreds of miles from the front lines.

The images, obtained by The War Zone from Maxar Technologies, offer a wider view compared to those released earlier by Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR). While the GUR images focused on the single Felon allegedly damaged, the Maxar views allow for more context and analysis

The aircraft at the center of the new imagery is the one Ukraine claims was struck. It’s positioned under a shelter frame but lacks any covering. A June 7th image, preceding the attack, shows a slight discoloration on the tarmac near the aircraft, but no signs of significant damage like scorch marks or craters. Interestingly, the pre-attack image also reveals a silhouette of an Su-57 painted on the apron, possibly used by Russia to mislead Ukrainian targeting systems.

The Maxar image captured on June 8th, after the reported attack, suggests some damage to one, and possibly two, Su-57 Felons. However, the extent of the damage remains unclear from the available imagery.