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Netra Mk2 Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&CS) Mk2 program that will be mounted on Ex-Air India Airbus A321 aircraft will come with 4D Active array AESA radar mounted into the dorsal system that is based on the active aperture technology with 240° coverage on two radiating apertures on either side of the A321.

But the addition of an AESA Radar on the nose cone of the aircraft will give additional 30° coverage but, likely, it will also be equipped with a dual swashplate that will give a detection range of 300 ° coverage.

Primarily 4D Active array AESA radar will also be finetuned to detect low RCS aircraft including stealth aircraft and will have the ability to pick up large aircraft like transport aircraft in range over 400+km and two radars will be operating in S-band and X-band.

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