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The Indian Navy has expressed interest in equipping its six Kalvari-class submarines with lithium battery packs and is looking to collaborate with local industrial partners in the country and the French Naval Group to achieve this goal. The French Naval Group, which is currently working with the DRDO to integrate a fuel cell-based air-independent propulsion (AIP) system into the first submarine of its class starting in 2025, has offered its expertise to help integrate lithium battery packs into the Kalvari-class submarine fleet.

The use of lithium battery packs in submarines offers several advantages, including increased endurance and efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and improved safety. The Indian Navy has been actively pursuing advanced technologies to upgrade its submarine fleet and enhance its operational capabilities.

The proposed integration of lithium battery packs into the Kalvari-class submarine fleet is expected to further enhance the operational capabilities of the Indian Navy. With the support of local industrial partners and the French Naval Group, the Indian Navy can leverage the latest advancements in battery technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of its submarine operations.

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