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Naval Group, the renowned French naval defence and marine renewable energy company, has presented India with an enticing offer to enhance the capabilities of its Kalvari-class submarines. The proposal includes equipping these submarines with the state-of-the-art F21 Heavyweight Torpedo, which has already demonstrated its effectiveness aboard the Brazilian Navy’s Scorpene-class submarines.

With its impressive features and versatile applications, the F21 Torpedo has the potential to revolutionize India’s submarine warfare capabilities. Additionally, France has expressed keen interest in setting up a local assembly line for the torpedo, provided India procures them in substantial quantities.

The F21 Heavyweight Torpedo is the latest offering from Naval Group, engineered to operate effectively in both deep waters and near coastal areas, where noise and dense shipping can present challenges. Currently deployed on the Brazilian Navy’s Scorpene-class submarines, this torpedo has demonstrated outstanding performance and reliability in demanding maritime environments.

The torpedo’s propulsion system relies on a silver oxide-aluminium (AgO-Al) seawater primary battery, ensuring efficient and sustained power during operations. Furthermore, its electric propulsion system integrates two contra-rotating propellers, enabling swift movement through the water.
The F21 Torpedo can be equipped with a B2211D warhead, which weighs up to 250kg. This substantial payload enhances its capability to engage and neutralize various targets effectively. With an overall length of 1.02m and a diameter of 533.4mm, the torpedo strikes an optimal balance between compactness and lethality.

One of the standout features of the F21 Torpedo lies in its sophisticated discrimination, identification, acoustic counter-counter-measures (ACCM), and homing capabilities. These cutting-edge technologies ensure unparalleled performance throughout all operational phases, including searching, tracking, and attacking targets. The torpedo’s ability to discern between friend and foe and adapt to complex underwater conditions provides a significant tactical advantage.

The F21’s homing system incorporates advanced target-tracking algorithms, enabling it to pursue evasive targets with utmost precision. This homing capability, combined with the torpedo’s formidable warhead, ensures the successful neutralization of high-value enemy assets.

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