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Aircraft Manufacturing Division, Nasik of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, is currently being prepared to start manufacturing the 70 HTT-40 trainer aircraft that was concluded between Indian Air Force (IAF) and HAL last year at DefExpo.

Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) approved the procurement of 106 HTT-40 for the IAF, of which 70 BTA will be initially procured from HAL and the remaining 36 after the HTT-40 fleet is operationalized in the IAF.

Assembly of the first two indigenous Basic Trainer Aircraft (BTA) will commence deliveries in Q4 2024-25 that will see 8 units delivery by Q4 2025-26 and later delivery rate will improve to 21 units per year henceforth.

HAL and IAF likely will conclude the contract for an additional 26 additional HTT-40s by 2025-26 so the production can be winded up before the production line shifts to the production of Tejas Mk2 fighter jet by 2029.

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