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Dr Abhay A. Pashilkar, Director, CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories talking to ” Economic times” claimed that RTA-90 (Regional Transport Aircraft) seat turboprop aircraft, will require funding of $2 billion to be executed under a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Model that will engage program with Private sector companies in the country.

Pashilkar said that $1 billion will be required for full-scale engineering development and another $1 billion for the development of Porotypes and to set up a production line in the country with Industrial partners.

Pashilkar claimed that a clean slate design will require $2 billion in funding but an established design or a derivative design procured from another OEM might cut down the cost by a fraction but it depends on a Joint venture with foreign OEM.

NAL plans to start the RTA-90 program in collaboration with State-owned agencies like DRDO, and HAL along with private sector companies but the program is still in the project definition phase till September this year, which once over will provide a detailed report to the Indian Government that has shown interest in establishing a production line for locally assembled short and medium-haul airplanes for which it had talks with Sukhoi and Embraer and also encouraging Airbus and Boeing to do the same.

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