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JSR Dynamics Private Limited, a Nagpur-based company specializing in airborne guided weapons, has unveiled a miniature ground-launched missile drone decoy designed to revolutionize air defense training and countermeasures. This innovative system boasts a powerful 150kgf turbojet engine, a range of 300km, and advanced capabilities that mimic real fighter jets.

150kgf turbojet engine provides exceptional speed and maneuverability, making the decoy a realistic target for air defense systems.  The extended range allows for more complex training scenarios and countermeasure deployments over larger distances.

The decoy integrates both active and passive EW capabilities, potentially confusing enemy radars and countermeasures.  A multi-constellation GNSS system coupled with an inertial navigation system ensures precise and reliable flight paths.

 The realistic performance of the decoy can provide invaluable training for pilots and air defense personnel, honing their skills and tactics. The system’s EW capabilities can deceive and confuse enemy air defense systems, protecting valuable assets during military operations.

 The decoy can be used to test and evaluate the effectiveness of various EW systems and countermeasures.

This innovation by JSR Dynamics marks a significant step forward in Indian defense technology. The combination of advanced features like the turbojet engine, EW capabilities, and fighter-like maneuverability positions the decoy as a potentially game-changing solution for air defense training and countermeasures.

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