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State-owned Munitions India Limited (MIL), India’s leading manufacturer of bombs and explosives, is experiencing a surge in demand from overseas customers, according to a report in The Hindu Business Line. The company has secured export orders valued at ?6,000 crore, to be fulfilled over the next three years.

Gnaneshwar Tyagi, Chief General Manager of the High Energy Projectile Factory at MIL, highlighted the strong international interest in the company’s products. “Everybody wants bombs,” he remarked, while addressing the ‘International Engineering Sourcing Show’ in Coimbatore.

While Tyagi refrained from disclosing the name of a European country, he confirmed that MIL’s current export clientele includes the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. This indicates a growing diversification of the company’s export portfolio beyond traditional markets.

P. S. Unni Raj, Joint Director of the Export Promotion Cell at the Ministry of Defence, acknowledged the immense potential of MIL’s export endeavors. He stated, “They (MIL) are sitting on a gold mine,” emphasizing the significant economic opportunities associated with these export deals.

MIL’s success in securing these export orders aligns with the Indian government’s focus on promoting defense exports. This not only benefits the company financially but also contributes to the nation’s economic growth and strategic partnerships.

The surge in export orders for MIL’s products signifies a positive development for India’s defense exports sector. This trend not only strengthens the nation’s economic standing but also positions India as a reliable supplier of defense equipment in the international arena.