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India’s military is setting its sights on Mumbai as the potential location for the country’s first-ever “tri-service common defense station,” according to reports by The Indian Express. This groundbreaking initiative aims to bolster unity and collaboration among the Army, Navy, and Indian Air Force (IAF) in preparation for the establishment of integrated theater commands.

The creation of a tri-service station in Mumbai signifies a significant step towards enhanced interoperability between the three branches of the Indian Armed Forces. This unified station would house facilities for all three services, including logistics, infrastructure, repair and maintenance units, and supply depots. By co-locating resources and personnel, the station would foster closer collaboration and streamline operations.

The proposed tri-service station is seen as a crucial stepping stone towards the implementation of integrated theater commands. This long-term vision involves restructuring the military’s organizational framework to create geographically unified commands encompassing all branches of the armed forces. The tri-service station in Mumbai would provide a valuable platform for ironing out potential challenges and promoting seamless cooperation before the full-fledged theater command system is established.

This move comes on the heels of other efforts aimed at bolstering inter-service cooperation. Last year, the Indian military introduced inter-service postings, allowing personnel from different branches to gain experience working alongside their counterparts.