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BrahMos-A equipped Su-30MKI provides the Indian Air Force massive offensive firepower that simply can’t be ignored but not many Su-30 operators in the region have shown interest in the missile system since it requires mandated strengthening of the undercarriage of the Su-30 airframe.

But has been told that After Vietnam and Indonesia, Malaysia another Su-30 Flanker operator has put in a formal request to India to be briefed about the upcoming BrahMos-NG program that will start developmental trials in 2024 and is likely to enter production in 2025.

BrahMos-NG is an Air-Launched Mach 3.5 capable Supersonic cruise missile with a range of 290km weighing only 1.6tons that has caught the eyes of many Su-30 operators since the missile is specifically being designed to be operated from the Indian Su-30MKI.

BrahMos-A, which is an Air launched variant of the 2.5-ton BrahMos supersonic cruise missile has performed extremely well in taking out the ground and sea-based targets that IAF is now planning to expand Su-30MKI fleet that can be adopted for its usage till BrahMos-NG arrives. BrahMos-A has a range of over 450km and plans are afoot to develop an even longer-range missile that can hit targets as far as 800km in near future.

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