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The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is urging Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to adhere to the delivery schedule for the Tejas Mark-1A fighter jets. A recent review meeting emphasized the importance of meeting the revised deadline of March 2025 for the delivery of the first 18 aircraft.

The initial delivery target for the Tejas Mark-1A jets was set for February 2024. However, challenges encountered during production necessitated a revision of the timeline. The MoD’s push for adherence to the new deadline underscores its commitment to bolstering the Indian Air Force (IAF) with these advanced fighter jets.

To meet the revised delivery schedule, HAL is reportedly looking to its new production line in Nashik. This facility is expected to be operational by November 2024 and is crucial for HAL to ramp up production and deliver the Tejas Mark-1A jets on time.

The timely delivery of the Tejas Mark-1A jets holds significant importance for the Indian Air Force. These indigenous fighter jets represent a critical step towards self-reliance in India’s defense sector. Equipping the IAF with these jets will enhance its operational capabilities and provide a technological edge.