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Indian Ministry of Defense’s (MoD) Collegiate Committee has granted Approval in principle (AIP) for the indigenous development of the Air-Launched Range Land Attack Cruise Missile (LRLACM) for the Indian Air Force to be used from Fighter jets.

The LRLACM is a homegrown, subsonic missile that is being developed to cater to the requirements of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy. Spearheading this ambitious project is the Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), a Bengaluru-based DRDO lab known for its contributions to advanced aerospace technologies.

Similar to the Nirbhay missile, the LRLACM possesses the capability to fly at low altitudes and boasts sea-skimming capabilities. This adaptability is crucial for achieving mission success across diverse terrains and strategic contexts.

The genesis of the LRLACM can be traced back to the Indigenous Technology Cruise Missile (ITCM) program, which paved the way for the development of the Small Turbo Fan Engine (STFE). The engine, a product of the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) in Bengaluru that has been tested earlier this year.

ADE is not only working on an air-launched variant but also variants that can be launched from ground-based platforms, ships, and submarines.

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