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The Ministry of Defence of the Government of India has expressed its intention to procure approximately 5,000 Fire & Forget Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGMs) along with 500 Launcher Systems that will be adapted on BMP-2/2K vehicles.

In a Request for Information (RFI) issued, the purpose is to finalize the Specific Qualitative Requirements (SQRs), determine the procurement category, and identify potential Indian vendors capable of supplying Fire & Forget ATGMs and Launcher Systems adapted on BMP-2/2K within three years from the contract’s award. The expected quantity is approximately 1,750 Fire & Forget ATGMs along with 175 Launcher Systems adapted on BMP-2/2K per year.

The procurement of Fire & Forget ATGMs and Launcher Systems is in line with the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiatives, emphasizing indigenous manufacturing and self-reliance.

The equipment will be utilized in specific terrain conditions, including plain and desert terrain along the Western Borders of India, as well as high-altitude and mountainous terrain reaching up to 5,500 meters altitude, as found in the Northern Borders (Eastern Ladakh, Central Sector, and North Sikkim) of India.

The Fire & Forget ATGMs, along with Launcher Systems adapted on BMP-2/2K, are intended to operate in the aforementioned terrain and environmental conditions. They should possess the capability to effectively destroy enemy tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), combat vehicles, low-flying helicopters, and other ground-based weapon platforms and positions.

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