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India’s quest for self-reliance in fighter jet engine technology receives a boost as Navratna defence firm MIDHANI will be stepping in to supply critical components for the US-made F414 engine. This move opens doors for domestic production of the engine, powering various advanced fighter jets like the Tejas MkII, TEDBF, and AMCA MkI.

MIDHANI will be supplying high-performance Hastelloy X nickel-based superalloys, crucial for the F414 engine’s hot sections due to their exceptional heat resistance and strength.

GE and HAL are hoping to seal the deal for the local manufacturing of the F414 fighter jet engines with 80 per cent ToT by the end of 2023. Initial engines with 40% localization are expected by 2027, gradually scaling up to 80% by establishing local supply lines. The engine will power Tejas MkII, TEDBF, and AMCA MkI platforms, boosting the performance of these advanced fighters.

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