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Dr Sanjay Kumar Jha, the Director (Production & Marketing) and Chairman & Managing Director of Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (MIDHANI) has confirmed the company’s proactive involvement in India’s cutting-edge defence projects. MIDHANI is set to play a crucial role in developing materials for the upcoming 110-kilonewton (kN) thrust engine, part of the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) program, and also for the F-414 engines in the Tejas MkII program.

MIDHANI is already in discussions with the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), a key laboratory under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The focus is on developing high-performance materials essential for the 110kN thrust engine, which is a pivotal component of the fifth-generation AMCA fighter jets.

In addition to local efforts, GTRE is in talks with global aerospace leaders such as Safran, GE, and Rolls-Royce. These discussions aim to co-develop a new high-thrust engine that meets the advanced requirements of the AMCA program. The potential partnerships are expected to bring in cutting-edge technology and expertise, further bolstering India’s indigenous capabilities.

MIDHANI has made significant progress in the Dry Kaveri engine program by developing five crucial materials. The Dry Kaveri engine, originally part of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) project, is undergoing enhancements to meet the performance needs of modern combat aircraft. MIDHANI’s contributions to this program are a testament to its expertise in advanced metallurgy and material science.

In another significant development, MIDHANI plans to develop materials and components for the F-414 engines. These engines are to be locally manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Tejas MkII program. The Tejas MkII is an advanced version of India’s indigenously developed LCA, designed to meet the evolving requirements of the Indian Air Force.

The local production of F-414 engines will see an impressive 80% Transfer of Technology (ToT) from GE to HAL. This initiative not only strengthens India’s self-reliance in defence production but also enhances the country’s technological prowess. MIDHANI’s role in supplying critical materials will be vital in ensuring the success of this endeavour.

Dr. Jha emphasized the strategic importance of developing indigenous capabilities in defence technology. By focusing on local production and development, MIDHANI is helping to reduce dependency on foreign suppliers, enhancing national security, and promoting self-reliance.
“We are actively developing materials that will be used in the coming 110kN Thrust engine for the AMCA program. This initiative is part of our broader commitment to support India’s defence sector through cutting-edge material development,” Dr Jha stated.

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